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The King of bespoke used furniture by Ahern’s Furniture

Each and every piece of furniture that comes through our doors is preowned, every piece flourishes with its own individual characteristics. All our furniture is in good overall condition most have no rips or tears and are simply ready for use straight from the delivery van.

We seek to find the best selection of used furniture for our customers in order to re home it. We stock everything from traditional shapes and colours to the weird and wonderful. Some pieces are bespoke, handmade or completely one offs.

As many people are aware of the brands in which we stock, we advertise our furniture at a fair discounted price including FREE DELIVERY in comparison to the brand new retail price found on the official websites from where the furniture is originally manufactured. We have very competitive rates and the widest selection of furniture to choose from in comparison to our competitors. Ahern’s Furniture creates a warming, friendly relationship with our customers, we will go out of our way to help a customer and meet your requirements. We can even help you choose your perfect piece or you can buy a gift voucher and come back to us at a later date.

Chesterfields have become an iconic piece of furniture sold at Aherns Furniture. Please take a look at our our stock page for examples.